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Fire Ants – Are You at Risk?

During the spring and summer months, your yard is meant to be a safe outdoor haven where you and your loved ones can enjoy cookouts, backyard ball games, and putting your feet up every once in a while. Occasionally, however, unwanted critters may try and take over your lawn and landscape. One such pesky pest is the fire ant. In addition to being a nuisance, this invasive species can be downright dangerous. ... More

Lawn Care 101 – Supplementing Your Lawn Care Program

Is your lawn getting enough attention? Even as a full program Weed Man customer, your lawn is going to need a little bit of additional TLC. Find out what you need to be doing to help supplement our fertilizer and weed control treatments with these tips from Weed Man.... More

Spending Mother’s Day Outdoors

Have you made plans for Mother’s Day? Last minute reservations can be tricky, and unless Mom wants to eat out late or take a rain check for another date, you might be better off keeping things low-key this year.... More

Poa Annua Problems

Nothing spoils the sight of a healthy, green lawn like unwanted weeds. One of the most aggressive culprits out there is poa annua (annual bluegrass). This lawn invader is the most common and widely distributed grassy weed in the world, and will take over your lawn if given the opportunity.... More

Get Your Free Lawn Care Quote

Do-it-yourself lawn care can leave even the handiest of homeowners with a long list of questions:

... More

Top 10 Fun Facts About Lawns

Do you consider yourself a turf expert? Find out how much you know about your lawn (or grass in general) with this list of fun facts from Weed Man Lawn Care.... More

Crabgrass Prevention & Control

Crabgrass, sometimes confused with quack grass, is an undesirable, troublesome weed grass with a coarse texture and ugly, light green color. It can turn a homeowner’s thick, lush, green lawn into a thin, weak, patchy one if left untreated.... More

How Weed Control Works

Weed control products, also known as herbicides, kill or impact the normal growth of weeds. When it comes to impeding growth, these products block photosynthesis and protein production by destroying the weed’s root system.... More

Getting Rid of Winter Weeds

If you reside in the Southern or South-transition area of the United States, you may be noticing the spread of unsightly winter weeds on your home lawn. These annual weeds germinated back in the fall and are now taking over due to the presence of ideal growing conditions in our area. 

... More

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